Executive Board

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Salimot Ojerinde - President

Nigeria | Senior | Major - Neuroscience | Minors - Medical Sociology, Chemistry, & Global Health Promotion

"With my Neuroscience degree, I hope to pursue a career in healthcare. In ten years, I see myself obtaining my M.D degree. In ten years or more, I also hope travel back to Nigeria and other underdeveloped countries, hoping to make a change in the healthcare system. Outside of ASA, I volunteer at a local community shelter weekly and work at Eigenmann Center desk. One fun fact about me is that at the age of 3, I was able to name all the 36 states in Nigeria and their capital."

Tomiwa Awobayiku - Vice President

Nigeria | Junior  | Major - Neuroscience

"My future ambitions include helping to alleviate health care disparities and making a global impact through medicine. In 5-10 yrs I see myself somewhere in the medical field. Everyone always asks me how tall I'm but because I'm really actually not sure I tell them anywhere from 4'9 to 4'11"

Derek Kwakye - Historian 

Ghana | Senior | Major - Microbiology | Minor - Chemistry

"My ambition is to become a doctor. In 10 years I hope to acquire a medical residency or fellowship. Outside of ASA I am the Diversity Chair of IUMAPS. Volunteer at Volunteer's in Medicine of Monroe County. Fun Fact:  I am a strong Deutan (someone with red and green color seeing deficiency)"

Feyi Alufohai - Public Relations Officer

Nigeria | Junior | Major - Journalism | Minor - International Studies

"I am studying Journalism & International Studies in hopes of working in the media world specifically for a leading magazine. In 5/10 years I see myself traveling and telling important stories. I also hope to go back to Nigeria and start a nonprofit foundation with my younger brother. Outside of ASA I work for Indiana University's Magazine called INSIDE. I am the secretary for IU's National Association of Black Journalists. My fun fact is I've lived in various countries, Nigeria, United States, Malaysia, and Qatar. I also run a blog called Marveling-Mind (www.marveling-mind.com)"

Morris Dolley - Co~Treasurer 

Liberia | Sophomore  | Major - Neuroscience & Psychology | Minor - Chemistry

"In 5-10 years from now, I see myself somewhere in the medical field doing my residency since my future goal is to become a neurologist. Also, I hope one day, I'm able to develop or somehow construct a pharmaceutical company that is able to contribute to the African Continent. Fun facts: I have had 8 concussions from playing travel soccer and american football. Outside of ASA: I am a Mentor for the Fase and the Groups program, member of MAPS, Black Student Union, Volunteer at Wonderlab weekly."

Sarah Bekele - Co~Treasurer  

Ethiopia| Junior  | Major - Speech and Hearing Sciences

"My future ambition is to become a speech and language pathologist. In 5-10 years I would like to be well established and to be able to travel the world."  

Eurielle Kiki - Secretary 

Niger | Sophomore  | Major - Criminal Justice and Sociology

"I would like to be an investigator or a criminologist. In 5-10 I hope to have a good, steady job. Outside of this, I did conduct board for Eigenmann, worked at the chabad house, but will be be working at kohl's this year. I'm also looking into joining ethics board my junior year. French is my first language. Fun fact: A couple years ago I met the guy on Man vs. Food and I challenged him to a eating contest and he said no. Lol, really awkward situation."